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We accurately translate and adapt any video content to resonate with global audiences, in 200 languages.

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Top quality subtitles, translated and reviewed by native professional linguists for a precise and easy understanding of the original content.



Best of breed, fluent AI voices crafted by native speaking professionals, carefully mixed with the original soundtrack to faithfully translate your video content.

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The most comprehensive solution to deliver your content to a global audience. Viewers can enjoy videos in their language in every circumstance, thanks to a combination of subtitling + dubbing.

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The best subtitling quality with fast turnarounds and scalability, thanks to the work of a professional team supported by our proprietary integrated platform.

How it works:
  • Native professional subtitlers craft the text and lay it on screen according to your subtitling guidelines.
  • A second native linguist revises the result to ensure accuracy and precise timing.
  • A dedicated Project Manager delivers the translated subtitles in any preferred file format, even embedded in your video.

AI Dubbing

For your dubbing project, you can use the original voices to speak a number of languages (voice translation) or you can have rely on the voices of professional actors speaking in each target language (professional AI dubbing)

How it works:
  • Speech generation, fine-tuned by professional native linguists and voice experts to mirror the original voice’s tone, pace and personality.
  • Blending of voice, music, and effects to meticulously recreate the original sound in every language, offering the same magic experience to viewers.
  • Delivery of the localized audio files or the sound tracks embedded in the original video, in your preferred format, by a dedicated Project Manager.

Video Bundle

Two services combined into one: precise subtitles plus professional AI-dubbing. The team, made of professional subtitlers, native speaking translators, and voice experts, is at your disposal to localize your videos in the most complete way.

How it works:
  • Native professional subtitlers translate and proofread the text, then lay it on screen to generate accurate multilingual subtitles.
  • At the same time, we generate the speech with human-like AI voices while professional linguists and voice experts adapt it for voice performance, to recreate the speech or dialogue in a seamless way in the selected target languages.
  • A dedicated Project Manager delivers you both the translated subtitles and the localized audio files, compliant with your specifications.

Success stories

Ensuring brand consistency across different countries

We designed an efficient localization workflow for marketing content, with clear communication channels and a dedicated team of experienced linguists.

Reaching 1 billion new customers in just 3 months

We orchestrated the largest and fastest language expansion ever by bringing the best translators, copywriters, and machine translation together in one place.

Speaking the customers’ language – literally

We localized the onboarding video library (100+ minutes) in three languages over two weeks by combining linguists with our state-of-the-art expressive AI voices.

Unlock the world of audiovisual communication

Benefits of multilingual video content

Multilingual video content offers several benefits, both for creators and viewers.

Enhance the User Experience

Providing content in multiple languages improves the user experience for your audience. Viewers can watch videos in their preferred language, making them easier to understand and resonate with local audiences. This leads to higher engagement and a more positive perception of your brand image.

Support Market Expansion

Multilingual video content allows businesses to expand their reach globally as it enables them to connect with potential customers in different countries and effectively communicate products, services, or messages in local languages. This can lead to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and ultimately, business growth.

Improve SEO and Discoverability

Multilingual videos can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By including keywords and metadata in multiple languages, you can increase the chances of your content appearing in search results across different regions and languages. This can drive organic traffic to your videos and attract new customers.

Your all-in-one video translation and localization agency

Scalable multimedia localization services

Leveraging the power of AI, we expertly match each project with the perfect native linguists. Whether you have hundred minutes of content to tackle over a few weeks or smaller projects with tighter timelines, we've got you covered.

High-quality multilingual videos in record time

Our cutting-edge technology, which incorporates the world’s #1 machine translation into our subtitling and AI-voiceover software, increases video translation quality while reducing delivery time by two-thirds.

Cost-effective solutions with remarkable ROI

We enable partners to easily scale video localization projects by reducing voice recording costs. With our expressive AI-voices we can produce voiceovers at 1/3 of the standard cost, translating into 3 locales with a budget allocated for one.

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